Azur 4 : High Power LED Lamp for plant growing


Combination of the best LED technologies and
the Botanical knowledges

Azur 4

Azur 4 : universal high power LED lamp for plant growing

Azur 4

Azur 4

Azur 4 in the Botanical Garden of Komarov’s Botanical Institute RAS (St-Petersburg)

Azur 4

Azur 4

Lamp purpose

  • — LED light AZUR 4 is a professional light device with high emission intensity. AZUR 4 is designed for utilization by the specialists in horticulture
  • — Illumination of public and industrial greenhouses and plant growth chambers when growing the ornamental plants and crops including their mutant forms
  • — Illumination of aquariums when growing aquatic plants

AZUR 4 emission spectrum

  • Full spectrum of visible radiation of the Sun
  • High emission intensity in the zones of light absorption of plant photosynthetic pigments

AZUR 4 : spectrum

  • — Spectrum of AZUR 4 completely covers the longwave and the shortwave zones of the absorption spectrum of basic photosynthetic pigments.
  • — Promotes proper development and higher productivity of plants.

AZUR 4 spectrum and light absorption by various plants

Experimental installation of Azur 4 in the Botanical Garden of Komarov’s Botanical Institute RAS (St-Petersburg)

  • AZUR 4 spectrum is continuous and without pulsations that is a serious advantage before luminescent and gas charging lamps.
  • Warning! Some plants can be very sensitive to the light in the ranges 420 — 480 nm and 600 — 690 nm.

Luminosity generated by AZUR 4

At the distance 30–40 cm the Azur 4 lamp creates luminosity with values close to the ones of the direct Sunlight. It considerably exceeds properties of the known to date the most bright light sources such as metal-halide and sodium lamps.

All lamps of the AZUR series are economic sources of the light of high intensity because the LEDs of the highest luminous efficacy upto 200 Lm/W from the leading manufacturers (Optogan, Cree, Osram) were used.

Distance to the lamp Luminosity with lenses 46°
20 cm 63150 Lx
30 cm 50740 Lx
50 cm 22410 Lx
70 cm 11530 Lx
90 cm 7430 Lx
100 cm 6230 Lx
125 cm 4000 Lx
150 cm 2725 Lx
175 cm 2100 Lx
200 cm 1550 Lx
250 cm 1030 Lx
300 cm 750 Lx

Luminosity of the object depends on :

  • — distance to the lamp ;
  • — optic properties of lenses which change the angle of the light beam. Lenses are changeable [5° — 120°] by demand of the customer, by default 46° ;
  • — overlap of the light beams from the neighbour lamps in complex installations.

Warning! Eyes should be voided exposure to the direct or reflected (with high index) light beam of the lamp.

Reliability and safety

  • IP 65 : lamp and driver are protected against dust ingress and water jets. AZUR 4 is safe being installed close to the water surface or in the rooms with high air humidity.
  • Long lifespan : 100000 hours.
  • Noiseless : only passive cooling system is used.
  • 1 year warranty

Other properties

  • Estimated luminous flux, lm : 10800
  • Lamp dimensions, mm : 300 x 490 x 80
  • Lamp weight, kg : 9
  • Lamp housing material : aluminum

By demand of customer the lenses properties and the length of cables can be changed.