Analysis of water composition


Necessary knowledge about aquatic system

Chemical composition of water plays a primary and determinative role in richness and functioning of aquatic ecosystems. Carrying out the analysis of water, we obtain necessary initial data about aquatic system either natural or artificial. This service is included into the services : “Control of Water Composition” and “Control of Aquatic System”.

Service “Analysis of water composition” in details

We apply the following methods in our studies of chemical composition of water :

Salinity : Densometric measurement
pH : Potentiometric measurement
Cl : Potentiometric measurement, Acid-base titration
SO42- : Potentiometric titration
HCO3 : Acid-base titration
Br : Potentiometric measurement
B(0H)4 : Acid-base titration
F : Potentiometric measurement
NO3 : Colourimetric measurement
HPO42- : Colourimetric measurement
SiO2 : Colourimetric measurement
I : Potentiometric measurement, Colourimetric measurement
Na+ : Potentiometric measurement
K+ : Potentiometric measurement
Mg2+ : Acid-base titration
Ca2+ : Acid-base titration
Sr2+ : Acid-base titration
NH4+ : Colourimetric measurement


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