Control of aquatic system


State of the maximal biodiversity of aquatic system

Your aquatic system can be of arbitrarily large volume, natural either artificial, it possesses a state of maximal species richness. In order to approach this state it is necessary to stabilize chemical composition of water in a proper way and keep natural processes of the biotope transformation under control.


Coral society. Atoll Addu, Maldives.


Society of Brown algae. Île de Groix, France.


Sea grass society. Milos, Greece.

Biotope transformation under our control

We regularly perform the analysis of water in aquatic system followed by the chemical correction of the water composition in order to achieve  parameters close to those observable in untouched natural biotopes.  Natural processes of the biotope transformation such as overgrowth by  microscopic and macroscopic algae, the silting are always under our control. In this way we preserve and enrich biodiversity in the system.


Blue-green algae. Their slimy masses are capable to suppress growth of corals and other algae.


Green filamentous algae. Their uncontrolled growth can oppress number of sessile invertabrates .


Silt. Silting changes the set of species in society considerably.

Service “Control of Aquatic System” in details

This service fulfil the following works with aquatic system :

  • regular analysis of the composition of water (see details);
  • regular correction and maintenance of the stable chemical composition of water (see details);
  • control of growth of microscopic and macroscopic algae;
  • control of sedimentation;
  • cleaning of decorations, submersed devices and viewing windows;
  • control of proper work of the devices of life support system;
  • food support for hydrobionts;


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